Ethos is excited for the return of our super successful Fall Ball program for ages 5-12.  This program is designed for players new to the game or those who want to stay sharp after Middle School season ends and before club season hits full swing.  The 4hrs per week will be split between training and games.  The goal is to improve each individual player’s general athleticism, hand-eye coordination and volleyball skills. Hopefully while instilling a joy of competition and learning to be good teammates.


    • Ages:  5-12  (boys & girls)
    • Locations:  North (White House)
    • Hours:  24 total hours (including training & games)
    • Practices:  2 practices per week (2hrs each practice)
    • Tournaments:  none
    • Matches:  none
    • Season:  6 weeks in Aug-Oct


  • North Branch = SOLD OUT!!