Ethos Volleyball Club is a 501c3 Not-for-Profit organization (effective March 2014) and as such there are many Fundraising Programs available to our club members.  A few are outlined below and we will update this section as more & more opportunities present themselves.  At a bare minimum, ALL families are encouraged to participate in the Kroger Community Rewards program since it is free, goes year-round and every purchase you make will earn a % to your child's account.  Simply click on each fundraising option to learn more:


  • Simple to use - just link your Kroger Rewards card & start shopping
  • Earn $$ towards your kid's club fees by simply printing out a summary report at the end of each quarter


  • Great fundraiser for anyone 18+ willing to work on their nights off
  • Earn $$ by working the concession stands at concerts, sporting events, etc.

ETHOS SERVE-A-THON   (coming soon)

  • Ask friends, family, neighbors to sponsor you per serve
  • Serve 100 balls at designated "serve-a-thon" day and then collect $$ from sponsors

BANNER SALES   (coming soon)

  • Ask local businesses to purchase a banner to be hung at the Ethos facility
  • Players earn 50% of each banner sale toward their club dues
  • Banners to be hung for 1 yr in the Ethos facility

CANDY SALES   (coming soon)

  • 50% profit goes directly to your child
  • Order the exact candy/snacks you want to sell

LOVE Scholarship Fund  (apply here)

  • Each year our Ethos players, coaches and parents help raise money for those families who cannot afford to play club volleyball.  There is never enough to go around but hopefully this can help ease the cost for some families.
  • Learn more about the LOVE Scholarship and fill out an application on the link above
  • All applications must be submitted by October 20, 2019 to be considered for the 2019-2020 season