The Adidas ELITE program is a "college preparatory" program designed for serious volleyball athletes only.  Teams will train 3-4x per week on an 8-month schedule (Nov-June) in order to get physically and mentally prepared to play at the collegiate level.  Teams attend 10-11 of the toughest tournaments in the nation in order to truly compete with the most talented players in the country.  This program is a major time-commitment and most athletes on these teams only focus on volleyball year-round.  Practices last 3hrs and include daily position-specific training, strength & conditioning, film study and competitive play.  If you are a volleyball FANATIC who eats, breathes and sleeps volleyball 24-7, then this is definitely the program for you!


  • Ages:  15-18  (maximum of 4 teams)
  • Location:  Nashville
  • Hours:  330+ total hours of practice, physical training & competition
  • Practices:  3-4 practices per week (3hrs each practice)
  • Tournaments:  10-11 tournaments (26+ days of competition)
  • Matches:  60-80 per season
  • Season:  November - June (2 wks off at Christmas)
  • Cost:  $2500 + uniforms