Youth teams are an inexpensive and fun way for our younger players to get introduced in the sport while learning the fundamentals of the game.  Athletes can play either Winter (Nov-Feb) or Spring (Mar-May) seasons but most players end up playing BOTH since they enjoy it so much.  Youth teams will participate in their own Ethos Power League and 3 local tournaments during each season (Winter or Spring).  Teams can also pick up additional tournaments if they choose to do so and are eligible for the "All-Star" program that goes to AAU Nationals in Orlando.



  • Ages:  10-12  (boys & girls)
  • Location:  Nashville & North branch
  • Practices:  2 practices per week (2hrs each practice)
  • Tournaments:  3 tournaments + 1-2 power leagues (7-8 days of competition each season)
  • Matches:  18-25 per season
  • Season:  Winter Season (Nov-Feb) or Spring Season (Mar-May)
  • Cost:  $700
  • Tournament Schedule: CLICK HERE

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