While we will do our best to minimize your risk while at any Ethos-sponsored activity, we admit there is inherent risk in playing sports - much like there is when going to a restaurant, going to school, or shopping at the grocery store. Please understand that we cannot guarantee you will not be exposed to COVID-19 when you come to volleyball practice. If you are concerned about exposure to COVID-19, you do not have to participate in any activity. Please be sure to read and sign the COVID waiver before coming to any Ethos event.


1.    Staff should wash their hands as often as possible (scrubbing them for at least 20 seconds).

2.    Staff should cover their cough or sneeze into the crook of the arm, or into a disposable tissue, and thoroughly wash their hands after.

3.    Staff should avoid touching their face.

4.    Staff should use hand sanitizer available to them if soap and water are not immediately available.

5.    Staff should avoid shaking hands with anyone.

6.    Staff should maintain social distancing (6 feet apart) from other staff, athletes, and/or visitors to the fullest extent feasible.

7.    Staff are encouraged to self-monitor for signs and symptoms of COVID-19. Staff should stay home if they are sick and will only be allowed to return to work if they have received medical clearance from a medical professional.

8.    Staff who have been in contact with individuals who have been diagnosed with COVID-19 should remain in quarantine for 14 days from their last contact with the infected individual. Staff who have tested positive for COVID-19 must remain in isolation for a minimum of 7 days plus 72 hours from the time they became well again unless otherwise instructed by a medical professional or public health official.

1. All staff, coaches and athletes will have a screening protocol before entering the workplace including an infrared temperature check and the typical 4 questions covering symptoms and suspected or confirmed exposure to people with possible COVID-19.

2. All staff, coaches and athletes will sign in & have their temperature's logged for contact tracing purposes.

3. Athletes and coaches should provide their own hand sanitizer and use before the start of practice, after each water break and periodically throughout training time.

4. Face coverings will be worn whenever possible and when coaches cannot consistently maintain six feet of separation from athletes in the gym.

5. Water fountains will be turned off. Staff, coaches and athletes should all provide their own water bottle and should not share with anyone else.

6. No parents or spectators will be allowed in the gym to limit the total number of people in contact with each other at any particular time.

7. As much as possible, athletes and coaches will stay 6 feet apart or stay on one court with their team for the duration of practice.

8. We will try to follow all local, state and national recommendations & protocols regarding COVID-19 and sports while admitting that different counties in TN allow different levels of participation.

1. The staff and coaches will increase the gym cleaning and disinfection to limit exposure to COVID-19, especially on high-touch surfaces (courts, door handles, etc..) and paying special attention to shared equipment (balls, ball carts, training aids, etc…)

2. Cleaning supplies will be available to staff at each gym used. We will provide time for staff & athletes to wash hands frequently or to use hand sanitizer. Hand Sanitizer will be available at each gym and passed out regularly.

3. If a staff or coach is identified with a confirmed case of COVID-19, they will notify both the local public health department and any staff, athletes or visitors who may have come into contact with during the prior week.