Travel teams will receive the same high-quality practices & instruction that the Elite teams get but with a slightly shorter season and with a lessened tournament schedule.  Travel teams will attend some of the best tournaments in and around Nashville and will have access to the position-specific training offered on a weekly basis.  Travel players are allowed to play other school sports but with the understanding that volleyball take precedence in the event of a conflict.  Travel teams have the option to pick up additional tournaments (if they so choose) and all Travel players are all eligible for the "All-Star" program that goes to AAU Nationals in Orlando.


  • Ages:  12-18
  • Locations:  All Branches
  • Practices:  2-3 practices per week
  • Tournaments:  7 tournaments + 3 power leagues (18 days of competition)
  • Matches:  40-50 per season
  • Season:  November - May (with 2 wks off for Christmas)
  • Cost:  $1600 + uniforms