Ethos is proud to be offering Boys Teams again in 2019-2020 season. This will be our 5th season having a boys team since we began in 2010.  The boys' season will run Dec-April and the teams will practice 2-3x per week. Unfortunately most of the tournaments are out-of-town for the boys but they will scrimmage our other Ethos teams at 3 Ethos Power League dates and will play the coaching staff regularly.


  • Ages:  13-18  (boys under 12 can play in the Youth program)
  • Location:  NASHVILLE ONLY
  • Hours:  200-250 total hours of practice, physical training & competition
  • Practices:  2-3 practices per week (2hrs each practice)
  • Tournaments:  5-6 tournaments (10-14 days of competition)
    • also will play in 3 Ethos Power League weekends
  • Matches:  40-50 per season
  • Season:  December – April (2 wks off at Christmas)