Here is a current list of job openings that I'm aware of in/around Nashville. The Athletic Director's contact information (and any other info I'm aware of) is also below.


Middle School Jobs

  1. Harpeth Middle School - Head Coach
    • Salary ($1000ish) + mileage
    • Contact - Melanie Buchanan (Athletic Director) - 615.952.2293
  2. Ezell Harding Middle School - Head Coach


High School Jobs

  1. Blackman High School - Varsity Head Coach
    • Salary (???), Practices (probably 5), Season (mid-July thru mid-Oct)
    • Contact - Scott Lawless (Athletic Director)
  2. Hume Fogg Academic Prep - Junior Varsity Head Coach
    • Salary (approx. $2600), Practice daily after school (4-6pm), Season (mid-July thru mid-Oct)
    • Contact - Caroline Owens (Head Coach)